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From humble beginnings, we have grown our team to a medium team, with additional associates available as needed from external partners.

It is this experience and efficient way of doing business that attribute to the confidence major businesses and organizations have shown in Savanna Restaurant.

We have established and consolidated our relationship with a number of key industry players both in the public and private sector regarding competitive business operations; efficient and effective service delivery.

Company Vision

To be a market leader in the provision of quality, affordable and compassionate dining experience in Nairobi and beyond.

Company Mission

To excel in the provision of great value to our customers through the deployment of best practices in the industry’s professional ethos.

Our Business Goals

The corporate objectives for Savanna restaurant are as follows:
Quality Service Delivery :-  Savanna aims to offer quick, efficient products at competitive prices.
Profitability :-  Being a profit making firm, Savanna intends to remain profitable even during economic recessions.
Customer Satisfaction :-  Customer loyalty and satisfaction remains very key to the business; this involves identifying and meeting the needs of the customers in a better way than the competitors.
Community Outreach :-  This involves financial and volunteer support to the hosting community and beyond.

Our Core Values

The business is guided by the following core values in all its undertakings:

Our Partners

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